Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Doing The Knowledge: But That's Business As Usual PT.9

We're out here doing the knowledge,  but that's business as usual.

Thought and fashion police get foul with it!! like Sally Yates getting fired by Donald Trump  I was banned from Facebook,  Blogster and other spots!! per  Tom Jones?  to be loved by anyone is not unusual!

What it do? out of fashion because I didn't dance like Carlton?  haters are scheming / plotting with fake news and propaganda.

A hood dweller, part time GoodFella;  not at the Ritz Carlton or The Trump hotel in DC per Steve Bannon scheming and plotting;  somebody might understand a brotha!
What's up with these and those? love abandoned some per Rose Royce!! the  devil will oppose!!  but some injuries were self inflicted.

Old dude over at South Dekalb Mall in Decatur said his homie was opposed and got shot!! views conflicted...

Old girl in Louisville encouraged me; told me to ignore a hater and  go on with my bad self! so I did the knowledge, check the breakbeat science!!  a brotha kicked it.

Drama unfurled per LeBron James saying Charles Barkley was a hater!! meanwhile moves for making America greater contradicted..

Meanwhile I'm doing the knowledge, but that's business as usual!!  I stick with the original plan!! meanwhile "player players"  tricked with the daughter of chaos.

Cold with it!! Iceberg Slim!  but icebergs are melting out near New Zealand..please! From the A-Town to Afghanistan blessings and curses were in the same land!! it's easy to take a loss.

Old with it? new with it? next with it? it's easy to take a loss like one of the Super Bowl 51 participants...

We're doing the knowledge, but that's business as usual! everybody won't be able to read between the lines, catch the drift..

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