Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Peace Be Still: Quiet Before The Storm PT.6

Check out these post holiday season musings /  rants and raves; we're playing it like Rev. James Cleveland!! we're  just trying to get peace to be still. 

During the holiday season? we turned off the radio!!  bad renditions of Christmas songs were playing!!  some needed to chill. 

Some are hot per the treason like Russian hacking!! getting played by the shady deal? we'll be vindicated at the end of the day. 

At the end of 2016?  we continued good word dropping and beat blending!!  let the music play!

Ready to roll after observing the scene!! it's going down!! we proceed and continue rolling into 2017. 

Moves are made during the ongoing charade;  we're ready to roll / we're on our way,  after observing the scene.

Rolls were played, now 2016 is in the rear view mirror;  the mothership / hooptie is gassed up like a Space X rocket as we move forward. 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  I'm over in Decatur aka Hooptieville per being behind the jacked up Saturn and the Subaru Legacy!!  it's real,  but we're still moving forward.

Rolling!!  who'll understand a brotha? like the Obama Legacy the truth is revealed during the latest episode of adversity. 

Rolling!!  who'll understand a brotha?  the truth was revealed during the Bourne Legacy type adversity anniversary.

2017 is here!!  chilling out, is it the quiet before the storm? who'll work with me? weather forecasters predict the storms!! wannabe weathermakers? conspiracy theorists mentioned HAARP..

We'll steer the mothership through high winds of change and turbulent waters!! souls mortgaged by some?  needing to do a modification per HARP? 


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