Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT. 4 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

What's really going on? as I type this, it's the first official day of spring!! we're still under the affects of the Spring Equinox....

What's really going on? not trying to hype this but spring cleaning / spring training has already been in affect, this dude rocks!!

But  what's the prognosis? we still deal with hustle knocks, like Donald Trump saying Raul Castro disrespects President Obama....

Oh yes!! overdoses of stupidity / information overloads per these public transportation / transformations and other modes will lead to the drama..

The saga / struggle continues!!  due to overloads of spring cleaning / spring training I'm chilling out drinking black coffee listening to Black Coffee but not chilling out with him like P Dididy!! please!! whatcha know? like Soul To Soul it's back to life / back to reality:  the fire is fully involved.

The saga/struggle continues!! we interpret codes like street and DaVinci!! pressing buttons for options / menus until the problem is solved.

During the ongoing spring cleaning / spring training we're not stressing punishment gluttons.!! O-Dog just rocks them /  teaching them a lesson hitting them upside the head with the Sonic BlackJack,  but it's a blessing in disguise.

During the ongoing spring cleaning / spring training? there's no astonishment!! due to March Madness it's like these haters were stressing,  so they didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen:  I'm not surprised.

During the ongoing spring cleaning / spring training? security is heightened like it's Belgium!! plots and schemes were devised, the situation is critical.

During the ongoing spring cleaning / spring training? purity frightened some!!  they weren't hip to the *all natural*  they dealt with the synthetic!!  now they're mad at a brotha because I wasn't sympathetic, saying I didn't follow the ritual.

I wasn't a habitual criminal, but my hands are dirty!! the ongoing spring cleaning / spring training should take care of it...

My hands hurt from banging on keyboards!! HP / drums and pianos!! a message? I'm trying to send one!! a hot messenger with a hot mess? but peeps already say they've got their share of it...

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