Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The saga / struggle continues!! seasons / reasons change plus we had the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Libra,  so now we're on to the next. 

Treasons / Reasons has us exercising mental and physical muscle per this spring training!! the sport is complex. 

This hot messenger brings this hot mess that spring cleaning will have to take care of:  strong arm muscle used? 

The so called train passengers / brothers were suicide bombers over in Brussels!!  to knock evil hustles the strong arm of the law will need to be used. 

...Attorneys used the strong arm advertisements in your jurisdiction to drum up business. 

Gurneys in trauma wards were pushed with strong arms in your jurisdiction,  from University Hospital in Louisville to Shands in Jacksonville to Grady Hosptial here in Atlanta: due to the total chaos they'll know what the deal is. 

Who'll understand a bruh trying to tell you what the real is,  in a world where terror is reigning? 

The mothership has landed,  now we're coming through with spring cleaning  / spring training.

Maintaining!!  cleaning up like a custodian while politicians like Trump were slandering  another at the podium. 

Maintaining, exercising power while training!!  while Wall Street is pimping and pandering!!  check the contracts, from original content and intentions they're meandering!!  jokers will even try to say I owe them!

Maintaining!!  uphill struggling just *going for what I'm knowing*  R.I.P to Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest....

It's rough down here on this earth, the reason for this spring cleaning / spring training!! dealing with the toil and strife, we can't get any rest...

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