Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (Sunday Afternoon Chill Edition)

Ah! Chilling out on a Sunday afternoon in Atlanta in seventy degree weather!!

 It's unusual in the beginning of March!!  I'm outback on the deck reflecting and pondering on business  like Juan March!!  jokers will say whatever.

.... Sounding like Donald Trump / Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio Super Saturday politicking. 

Sounds we bring will thump, we're not trying to lose!!  but it's easy to get  played like a buster or mark out here tricking. 

Bully pulpits and stumps were full this Sunday morning!! it wasn't easy per the Commodores

Bullies were full of it in the ATL, Midwest and not just on the West Coast!!  Bullys Wit Fullys were doing it!! check the home invasions,  blasting down doors. 

I was at the Ponderosa like Cartwrights on Bonanza!!  at home chilling outback on the deck!!  soon I walked around front to wash the Buick off. 

Reflecting and pondering was over!!  dude down the street was blasting *Nas Is Like*  while cleaning the Honda off.

... Reminded of myself back in Louisville / Newburg days:  now I'm like Simon and Garfunkel. 

...I prefer the Sounds of Silence,  but I show no malice!!  do your thing kid, I know how the funk should go!!

 O-Dog is a funky type of soul brother;  *do your thing kid*  was a hook in his song. 

No clouds / smoke or fog!!  it was sunshine and blue skies per these Outback Chronicles!!  no psychological disorder when I holla back in chronological order at these jokers that are wrong.

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