Monday, March 7, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings

So what's up? they said I was a hot mess,  just call me a hot messenger. 

It's rough out here but I'm not trying to stress!!  I'm not slick with it  but I'm trying to negotiate like Henry Kissinger

...Discussed by Clinton vs Sanders at Democratic debates meanwhile I'm coming up with agendas / slates for dealing with March Madness like Marquette and  Al McGuire and  Dean *The Dream*  Meminger before life caught up with him!  I'm on that old school tip. 

But who'll understand this hot messenger as I  come back with this?  jokers were starting it so I'll have to finish it,  but I'm trying not to flip. 

I'm trying to Do It Fluid like the BlackByrds,  plus I'm walking in rhythm. 

Acting brand new with it when the message is delivered?  naw man!!  the good word is dropped and like Eric B and Rakim we hit  them with the rhythm. 

Acting brand new with it!!  writing in Eric B or George Clinton for president?

That's more exciting and enlightening than Donald Trump  / Ted Cruz  / Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for president. 

It's evident that these borderline / on the edge rants and raves show your dude misbehaves. 

Just another hot mess from the hot messenger that escaped from corporate plantations!!  now rolling with good word droppers and beat slaves. 

Middle passage descendant told to abort operations, early graves await me and my people? 

Solving riddles, hot messages now delivered!! similar to knowledge dropped under church steeples!! 


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