Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.2

I'm at it again!! here's some more *hot mess*  from the hot messenger. 

This is the Total Eclipse  / Super Moon Edition, the Lord we petition plus O-Zone might have a ghetto pass for ya. 

Like Bernie Sanders per free college!! the mothership gets good mileage!! word from this hot messenger rolling like UPS and FedEx dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!!  rolling with lint in my pocket so I pass over so called specials at the mall but I keep rolling yall: hoping I'm not to late with it..

Who's understand us? the sport is complex!! we're dipping right here in Lent and Passover season:  Seasons / Reasons are debated. 

...Like Republicans and Democrats!! but  like Romney vs Trump haters try to undermine this man's endeavors.

 American Enterprise Institute met at Sea Island plotting and scheming on fouling one!!  political  / corporate and even religious figures network, now check the maneuvers. 

Who's fair with them or those in love or war?  per my Gangsta Chronicles  I'm not surprised outcomes are manipulated. 

This is a hot message from the hot messenger!!  don't be surprised when O-Dog pulls out the drum,  hitting up those that hated. 

How was this rated?  some said it was a *ghetto hot mess* but  everybody won't understand these borderline / on the edge rants and raves. 

 I'm meandering with these scattered thoughts  like Peachtree Road in Atlanta!! now like jokers pimping and pandering they say your dude misbehaves. 

Slandering my name like Bill Cosby? dues were overpaid,  I wasn't swerving like that I knew what the cost would be!! now I just put a hot message on them...

 I'm not too late with it *Right On Time like Brothers Johnson*  dropping a hot message is how this brotha will respond to them!! 

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