Friday, March 25, 2016

What's The Good Word On A Good Friday?

What's really going on? I ask myself and others!! what's the good word on a Good Friday?

What's really going on?  hopefully I won't fool myself or others: hopefully no one will lie to me...

....Sending me and my constituents on Easter Egg Hunts / rat races /  wild goose chases or / needle in the haystack searching..

....Amped up on energy drinks and barbiturates one hunts and gathers racing down I-20 in Atlanta in rush hour traffic on a mission!!  per keeping a roof over our heads / to  feed the children: aka working...

Stamps issued from going postal? told to deal with it due to wearing big boy boxers or briefs or big girl panties for the ladies..

Camps will roast you, they're full of failed comedians!! boy please!! I'm in Atlanta, but it's hard for me to listen to these Grady Babies..

Boys and Girls!! Ladies and Gentleman!!  it seems like somebody was trying to tell us what's really going on!! the public service annoucement was made!! 

The astrologer mentioned Mercury was in Aries and Mars was in Sagittarius: they said we need to *watch our mouth*!!  reminding me of the advice my Pops gave!! 


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