Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT. 4

Check out these ramblings and musings, I didn't let up: But Damn!!  I had to admit I made a mess of it.

Crooks kept gambling for a fast buck,  they'll set you up!! like gas prices going up, it's not amusing!! the response? breakbeat science I'm using!! the funny thing about it?  the Lord still blessed it. 

Crooks had us out here scrambling, I thought I'd have to break north!!  funny how I stressed it!!  mentioned earlier I was the hot messenger. 

I-20 Chronicles are dropped after the reflection / distraction!!  soon like Republicans after Super Tuesday it's another hot mess for ya! 

The response to those and these?  check this HumpDay Extravanza!! I'm ducking and diving, I'm out here dodging bullets. 

....Like I was in Syria dodging Russians or maybe in Chicago due to the violence;  or at Trump rallies dodging jokers in mullets.

...rocking hairstyles like Trump's:  he had charisma so groupies and weed holders / water carriers humped!! meanwhile I jumped barriers like Edwin Moses jumped hurdles. 

Check the styles:  I tripped over some and made a mess!! the devil opposes or apparently I didn't know how to work those!

Check these styles from the hot messenger, I flipped out like Ted Cruz vs Mitch McConnell!! damn!! other GOP members said it's not a cool way to play..

Check these styles from the hot messenger!! I dipped down I-85 here in Atlanta headed toward the Carolinas but I came back, I'll retire and then unretire like I was LL Cool J...

Checked the files; maybe this good word has a message for ya and the sound bumps!! but pardon my Louisville / Newburg hood ways from chilling on Garland Street and the Victory Park area...

Checked the files like Obama looking for a Supreme Court nominee and coming up with Judge Merrick Garland,  victory or defeat? what will GOP do? check the scenario

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