Friday, March 4, 2016

The Recruiting Process PT. 10 (The Finale, But It Ain't Over)

It's going down, I continue to tell the masses about the ongoing recruiting process. 

During this Pisces Season I was chilling all about peace and understanding but devils advocates are busy in this world!!  check out the ongoing robbing and looting process.

Devils advocates are rolling like ISIS in the Mideast,  it's all game. 

...Joined by Russians bombing,  missing targets:   then crying *ain't that a shame

...Meanwhile Mitt Romney types are lying!!  *ain't that a shame*  a couple of years ago they were soliciting funds from Donald Trump types.

Check the style!!  the response will be this good word that's  dropped and the beats thump,  rebuking these hypes!!

Check the style!! these were hypes that Public Enemy told us not to believe, but it appears some peeps didn't hear them!! I guess  life is full of distractions, some are in a hurry..

Check the style!!  these were hypes that the public are caught up in and doubted by old schoolers like Walt Frazier vs Stephen Curry..

Check the style!! another old schooler  Oscar Robertson weighed in talking about the era he played in: truth? that's what the word will be..

It gets foul!! this next schooler was lobbing sonic grenades at recruiters knocking at the door like Seventh Day Adventists; in the midst of the madness who'll work with me? 

It gets foul!! during the ongoing recuiting process the apparatus will fool ya!! You'll Get Played!! these gamblers out for a fast buck will set you up...

It gets foul!! this is the finale of this concept concerning the recruiting process but the game *ain't over*  we'll keep you wise to the set up..


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