Sunday, March 20, 2016

Concepts Revisited In A New Area (Seasons / Reasons)

 Don't get my wrong!! I'm still up and down I-20 in Atlanta, but I posted up in another area..

Staying strong as Seasons / Reasons change per the Spring Equinox!!  I'm posted up, reflecting on it in another area!! 

Treasons when doing your thing? hustle knocks like the GOP going after Trump: agent / provocateurs at Chicago rallies? 

Also at Arizona rallies; reminded of  hustle knocks from the Chick-Fil-A Cow for drinking cold Arizonas and eating burgers from Checkers and Rallys ?  

What's going on brotha? that's what was asked during this season, I gave him a reason: I'm cashing reality checks and making sound affects..

Spiritually down in Cuba with Obama though I'm chilling in Atlanta checking out March Madness!!  the game? a hero baller disrespects..

Who'll act brand new with ya now that it's Aries Season? we didn't need another hero yall!! Tina Turner told ya!! 
Who'll act brand new with ya? *Treasons / Reasons*  have you buying faulty / bogus merchandise, now at the service desk returning what was sold ya....
What was I on?  acting like I knew after my spirit was broken, but it's a new season and I'm not a slow learner!! no longer loathing and fearing.

What was I on?  there's spiritual significance in this operation!! now I'm  like a mechanic fixing it!! rebuking the social engineering with *Blue Collar Style-Mechanical Engineering*

Eyes kept on a fanatic:  Treasons / Reasons will have some sabotaging operations!! priorities are shifting? I was able to Recognize The Pattern.

Seasons / Reasons have me playing this like a Kentucky coal miner in the mine /  darkness:  on top of the hardhat is a lantern.

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