Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.6 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Rolling on I-20 in  Atlanta in the old school Toyota Camry!!  it's the *go to*  vehicle for  immigrants in Chamblee, Doraville and Clarkston..

I'm listening to KISS 104; in the background Distant Lover plays by Marvin Gaye!! my mind roams *Out There*  *a host of ideas were rolling through my head* reality will prompt them..

Who's listening to this Hot Messenger?  I'm not an international lover per Prince, but I had a complementay *Hot Mess* for them!! messy like Trump's view of the world? 

Local National International Intergalactic? that's where the drama is at, or is per *school teacher*  proper language!! excuse me but pain and anguish have me in conflict with this world...

This hot message is delivered to those above  jurisdictions after the drama unfurled!! drama jumped off due to the Federation's Stormtroopers plus Hunger Games Peacekeepers representing the Capitol...

This middle passage descendant wasn't playing with it I'm staying on point!! I told a stupid one to stay back! they'll get gaffled like that dude that tried to creep up on the US Capitol..

Meanwhile I'm trying to creep up on some capital per delivering these hot messages!! the only payments I'm getting are reality checks..

So, this hot messnger will continue to bring this hot mess!! I'm just doing what I do!!  Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh style: cashing checks and making sound effects.. 

So, this hot messnger will continue to bring this hot mess!! I'm just doing what I do!! this is how I play...

Life is hectic, chaotic!! I'm trying not to stress!! even though I'll have to chill with the iPhone, I see how the FBI is trying to play!!

Let The Music Play like Barry White!!  meanwhile,   after the hot message is delivered some are confused about this insight..

O-Dogs beats bang...alter-ego O-Zone might sing, but I doubt it!!  damn!! it wouldn't sound right..

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