Thursday, March 3, 2016

Recruiting Process PT.9 (It's Still Going Down)

It's going down!!  jokers want me to join the team like Chris Christie rolling with Donald Trump. 

It's going down!! so who's really anointed? even the Koch Brothers said they wouldn't use dark money to block Donald Trump...

Who's stumped by math questions on the multiple choice test? no political path forward like Ben Carson,  but madness?  jokers were starting!!  you'll get played like the Atlanta Falcons releasing Roddy White.

....Had they used him properly they may have won more games,  but I digress as I drop this insight.

God's Property per Kirk Franklin,  as devils lurk in the background!!  peeping game like its the NFL Combine

It's part of the recruiting process,  but O-Zone wasn't sleeping in the game:  I'll come with mine. 

Haters are disputing this truth or reality as we know it like its a game!!  they said this code I write is malicious. 

They said its hazardous material but what we have is spiritual!! rebuking the recruiting process when we come with this. 

We're back with this we didn't *Disappear* per Argentina!!  similar to black sites in Chicago? 

We're back with this breakbeat science!! not trying to pimp asking Have You Seen Her like the Chi-Lites from Chicago...  

We're back with this breakbeat science!! shady recruiters try to stop the flow, it doesn't matter who'll win the 2016 Presidential Election we're still official in this section...

We're still doing what we do / acting like we knew!! knowing God is the only one providing perfection...

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