Monday, October 12, 2015

The Remote Outpost Conduct (Check Out The Style)

O-Dog bangs out the tracks in a remote outpost in the galaxy; hidden, not in episodes of Star Trek

Out There / Outside The Box rescued by NASA  when they found water on Mars? are you kidding? that's not what a brotha expects..

Out There where some operate violently / viciously so we provide the rebuttal, scars soon healing or will there be more shady dealing? 

Check out how the style will get; Brandon Weeden in the huddle like the Dallas Cowboys? ask Jason Garrett how he's feeling!!

Check out how the style will get; I understand consituents are weeding and drinking!! those boys know society wasn't fair with it!! soon ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  it's like a artillery barrage in Syria.

Check out how the style will get; Out There?  I'm suspicious of others / they're suspicious of me, but I'm not the one down with the mass hysteria...

Check out how the style will get, Out There!! just got back from Mars as it moved to Virgo so I've got work to do!! I'll share these sounds with ya / more stank for ya...

Knowing how foul flagrant agents will get; mentioned healing scars earlier; being myself? like Sly Stone I thank ya!!  

Knowing how foul flagrant agents will get; where did they rank ya? will we have to wait for the Democratic debate?

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or undecided like Joe Biden? for freedom we keep riding as fanatics show hate...

No shady dealing, understand us? you might have us confused with other Louisvillians / Louisvillains!!

Now the basketball program is in jeopardy but this is not an episode of jeopardy, like Terrence Williams I'm not part of that!!  that's not how we're living...

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