Friday, October 23, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT.2 (Man, Please!!!)

It's going down!! I read the terms of service, and said man please!! this is the rebuttal,  I took a minute or two to write one. 

It's going down!! unlike the Benghazi Committee vs Hillary Clinton poetic justice will be served!!  damn!!  it just might incite one. 

What?  a riot, but authorities told me don't even try it!! they told me if Atomic Dog / George Clinton type of funk is dropped terms of service will be violated. 

O-Dog has hazardous material? Didn't cry about it!!  no rivers started per Justin Timberlake:  those that are fake are the main ones that hated! 

What we have is spiritual, meanwhile the new school Baptist preacher said let your haters be your elevators!!  he was trying to sound hip.

..Or cool;  new or old school players teach us about slamming Cadillac doors per OutKast Elevators!!  even Tower of Power and Lenny Williams were asking what is hip? 

I was about to trip after reading the terms of service!!  rights and privileges were taken away in the fine print. 

Some constituents are about to flip,  somebody told them it's about that US Mint. 

Did constitutions protect them from Bernie Madoff type of Ponzi schemes? 

Bernie Sanders types go off!! they talk a good game but who's listening? illusions are perpetrated by those that hated!!  I'm scrutinizing the terms of service:  everything is not what it seems. 

Lessons are learned: who understands us as we come through like a storm? Hurricane Patricia?

*I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service*  so I swerve like this!! dropping breakbeat science on ya!!

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