Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ghetto Editorials PT.3 (Views Expressed Might Reflect Those Of The Author)

These establishments won't act right!!  I was *Going In*  taking it to the hoop, but they'll foul me!! damn!! these officials won't call it!! my names not Lebron or Kobe...

We're back with this!! check these ghetto editorials as O-Dog makes sure the loop is funky;  O-Zone is hungry, plus thirsty!!  eating cashews and drinking a cold Sobe...

Act like you know me!! I'm bringing the *Good Word*  not talking crazy like Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush;  we're *Four Five Sixing It*

Act like you know me per these ghetto editorials!! random thoughts are collected like debt by bill collectors!!

Message In The Music?  oh yes!! you might be able to use it, out there in the mainstream of  mathematics...

Power? some abuse it!! saying they'll go all out!! others say it's not about all that!! so what's really going on? it's like that / about that when dealing with fanatics...

Erratic is the behavior, jokers were even cutting up at ZombiConso what's really going on? 

Static? James Brown mentioned *don't start none won't be none*  he had Full Force with him!!  

May the force be with them!! but they've still got  Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman on the run!! 

May the force be with them!! that's per Moms always praying, so we go on with our bad selves!! O-Dog keeps getting busy on the drum..

Ghetto editorials are provided after we see some getting what's coming to them!! karma is something else!!

Like the Oprah Belief series, views expressed might reflect those of the author, as we rebuke the matrix architect..


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