Friday, October 16, 2015

Ghetto Editorials PT.2 (The Word In The Wind)

 What's the word on the curb? so whats the word in the wind? inquiring minds wanted to know..

Society kicked some of us to the curb; was the answer blowing in the wind per Bob Dylan?  inquiring minds wanted to know..

Inquiries were made like Joe Biden looking for support; it's rough out here, it's a complex sport!!  please!! I even felt the pressure..

Empires were threatened by Gangsta Pimps; please!! it's rough out here, it's a complex sport!! you'll be under attack like the Islamic State vs Russia!!

Wannabe gangsta pimps like Andre McGee and Katina Powell put the pressure on Louisville basketball, so what's up y'all?   

These ghetto editorials are based on the real talk / true story!! so who are these people supposed to call? 

Were rolling!! territorial disputes go down  from I-20 in the A-Town / Atlanta all the way to the Queen City / Charlotte up on I-85; actually,  like Joseph's Tomb attacked out near Jerusalem  its worldwide...

Actually it's Intergalactic; a fanatic won't show any pity; you should know how evil ones will ride...

Whose with me? studying the mathematics I noticed how some will act; true colors are revealed like Cyndi Lauper.

Who's with me? Please!! only God, not man;  that's why I'm below the radar, I'm not on Doppler.

Who's with me?  who's with you? Please!! the apparatus will try to stop ya; no justice no peace is the catch phrase.

These ghetto editorial are dropped letting my people know the word in the wind; that way they'll call the right plays...

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