Thursday, October 8, 2015

Outback Chronicles / Ghetto Editorials

It's going down!! check out these Outback Chronicles / Ghetto Editorials!! it's based on being outback on my deck assessing the damage.

Rain from Hurricane Joaquin did some harm,  but in South Carolina it really did damage.

 Now South Carolina representatives like Lindsey Graham want Federal aid,  but voted against it for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Karma is something else,  but never mind them!!  I'm dealing with the damage done outback,  so it's on them. 

Karma has me expressing these ghetto editorials,  I'm reflecting on past episodes. 

I need to catch up on my pimping!! using the Little Anthony and the Imperials style?  naw!! but there's no information overload.

I turned all my issues over to the Lord, please!!  I couldn't do anything with them:  pimping ain't easy. 

Big Daddy Kane told us,  plus due to the snitching epidemic Katina Powell and  JaQuan Lyle types told on us!!  so now it's on Louisville basketball plus it's Andre McGee's. 

Parking lot pimping was the style / steez or the swag:  but now I'm out back trimming tree limbs and cutting grass. 

It's not a simple thing!  some are like Loose Ends hanging on a string,  or even a tree limb;  lawn mowers run over the snake in the grass. 

Literally and metaphorically:  but on the dance floor ? honeys shake it fast / shake ya ass. 

That's per Mystikal as we pick up litter and rake leaves as a fake one deceives like Rupert Murdoch acting a ass.

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