Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT.3

I was peeping game / Reading The TelePrompTer;   I was using a fresh view  fresh vision

Sleeping in the game like Secret Service agents at the White House?  naw man!!  that's not how I'm living. 

Creeping up in the game!!  now *Terms Of Service*  are provided by the thought and fashion police. 

Seeing that it's all game!!  terms / rules of engagement in spiritual warfare are spelled out by devil's advocates!! I'm not talking about a TV Show so whatcha know?  I continue to swerve with this. 

The scene?  I observed this and that one!! fools are at that critical stage of development!!  the devil and his advocates want to see us come undone. 

...Plus I've seen the meals prepared in Hell's Kitchen;  some were overcooked,  others weren't done. 

Like fierce storms hitting Texas and Mexico per Hurricane Patricia shady deals are going down!! was it per the fine print in the terms of service?

Euro manuevers and US Mint printing shake things up from Argentina to Puerto Rico to Greece;  you heard this? 

We had work to do!! O-Dog will groove with this plus O-Zone will drop this good word: we're at your service with this breakbeat science.

What it do? we're rebuking the terms of service prepared by dangerous minds. 

Juking, shucking and jiving when I swerve with this? naw man!! these are not Donald Trump type of manuevers... 

 *I Didn't Agree With The Terms  Of Service*  so I continue to swerve with this breakbeat science: we're doing what behooves us!!


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