Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT 4 (But I Continue To Swerve With This)

I was trying to sign on to the website: they said I had to agree to the terms of service..

Man please!! I kept on pushing like Donald Trump even though he's losing ground to Ben Carson!! but of course this son of God will continue to swerve with this!! 

Man please!! O-Dog's beats will thump plus O-Zone has the public service announcement per his ghetto editorials..

Man please!!  the streets are watching as politicians stump on bully pulpits about providing customer service,  but it sounds like disputes are territorial..

Seeing the world and seeing how the drama will unfurl!! man it gets ugly!! Republicans fighting each other..

I see they nominated Paul Ryan  meanwhile  Mike Tyson endorses Donald Trump, so what's wrong with that brother?

Somebody's lying like Pops told me!! WHO says meat causes cancer per the rump roast or pink slime but this thinking man will go for mine!! we continue to swerve with this...

Out There in The Mainstream Of Mathematics? we're battling fanatics with a beat and a quote after they said we have to sign the terms of service...

Out There because *I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service*  erratic was the state of the customer service so I couldn't break bread..

Dropping breakbeat science:  that's  how *DJ Brotha O*  is  fixing it, you're a customer like EPMD you feel me? the fake had some misled...

It's going down!! this is my story and I'm sticking to it!! *I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service*

Drama? It comes with the territory!!  but a bigger plan? we're sticking to it!! I Continue To Swerve With This!!

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