Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service

Before I could proceed and continue proving myself like Lance Stephenson thought and fashion police said I need to agree with the terms of service. 

Damn!!  jokers said they were trying to breathe again like Toni Braxton,  but we had the speed you need per moving at a high velocity when we swerve with this. 

Once again it's on!! we're ready to roll after observing this and that scene!! we're ready to take it there. 

How did they roll?  the sign at Jimmy Jazz at  Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia said trending now /  jeans that you rip and repair.

How did they roll?  the elders had all that jazz!! kidney stones, bad gall bladders, cancer:  after the radiation? the natural process must occur,  genes some need to repair!!

How did they roll? you must be kidding O-Zone!! snitching up in Louisville spreading like cancer per Katina Powell / Rod Ni Powell types? like on First 48 they chose to take it there? 

How did we roll?  we just got back from *out there*  spotted Buddha statues on Mars

....After we drunk a cold glass a water;  soon you spot a brotha off of I-20 in Atlanta riding past the Cambodian Buddhist Temple,  trying to heal the scars. 

Let the healing process begin but your dude sees that it's not a simple thing as I go through this.

Back in the day? old school  homies smoked the Thai sticks and *Cambodian Buddha*  they brought back from Vietnam;  now replaced by poppy from Afghanistan:  act like you knew this. 

Homies were ruthless!! meanwhile I proceed and continue with this!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta?  I came through listening to Rufus and Chaka Khan

I didn't agree with the terms of service, now jokers want to come at me like Hillary Clinton vs The Benghazi Committee:   I'm ready to go to war like Genghis Khan. 

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  1. I couldn't resist commenting. Perfectly written!