Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's Get It Started / Let's Get It Together PT.2

Let's get it started!! we're flowing upstream / down stream Louisville / Newburg  Ohio River style or maybe down The Nile, or maybe the Euphrates....

Let's get it together!! but the team is in disarray!! I couldn't chill plus I didn't merge with those Philistines!! like the GOP they'll just debate those and these!!

Damn! Damn! Damn! it's like Florida Evans from Good Times; dealing with JJ and the rest of the family.

From the ATL to Jax on the First Coast in Florida to NYC we knew the deally!! they're about to get hit up by Hurricane Joaquin, but we kept hustling like Noah, Joakim:  somebody might understand me.

Let's Get It Started!! we're dipping like Joaquin El Chapo Guzman  rolling on Highway 101 or I-80 in The Bay Area!!  then to the Midwest on  I-65 in Chicago / to I-75 in Detroit.

Let's Get It Together!! what's up Holmes? Russian airstrikes hit Homs in Syria now check the mass hysteria!! already discussed by Obama and Putin so why the confusion?  winning / losing?  its hard to avoid.

O-Dizzle? he's not devoid of funk!! after consultations with extraterrestrials out by Mars while drinking a fresh cup of water the Intergalactic type of funk is dropped by this universal traveler..

What's the dizzle? I'm back down on earth avoiding punishment gluttons that keep hitting the dial, like in Dekalb County Georgia with Lee May trusting Mike Bowers

What's the dizzle? you know misery loves company now corporations are started, but check out how we start it!! like Lee May the MLB player we hit home runs out of the park...

Let's Get It Started!! but  plans fizzled now Let's Get It Together is heard!! we kept it moving, vehicles weren't in park!!

Let's Get It Started!! some were waiting in the dark, they said they were following hunches..

Let's Get It Together!! due to the hating you know the devil is opposed, so there are no free lunches!!

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