Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Checked The Clock: I Moved On PT.3 (Now I'm Making A Jack Move)

It's going down!! like the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan so called powers that be were trying to make a jack move. 

Tears of a clown were shed per Smokey Robinson; news reporters  asked dude, what's up man? he said he didn't do jack, so what can authorities prove? 

No fears shown when we get down!! we're lobbing sonic grenades so jack your body to the groove,  O-Dog is taking care of business.

O-Zone is dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck!!  like the Love Ranch Brothel per Lamar Odom some are conducting shady business. 

Everybody had their hands stuck out trying to collect a fee!!  but per this elixir or broth that's  brewed  I've been paying the price

Breakbeat scientific business is conducted, rebuking those that corrupted!!  *it ain't nothing nice* 

I checked the clock like I was Flavor Flav: we knew sacrifice was involved but we kept it moving!!

I checked the hustle knock, but supreme courage and maximum strength is exhibited; we're jack moving... 

We're back!! proving to the naysayers that try to discourage that we can move to the next level like Toronto Blue Jays...

We're back!! proving that prayers get answered, we even encourage ourselves per Donald Lawrence after Reading The TelePrompter; seeing what it says!!

Check out these jack moves;  these plays are ran like Tom Brady but there's nothing shady going down!! 

Like the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal; on the clock? O-Zone kept a handle!! now we move on!! check out how we get down!!

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