Friday, October 30, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (The Friday Recap)

It's going down!! due to the seasons / reasons change?  here's another edition of the outback chronicles. 

It's going down!! on November 1st we fall back due to the time change; damn!!  meanwhile like Texas Biker Shootouts  treasons change the constituency!! some are foul with that,  so how do I respond to these and those? 

I couldn't be at ease, even though I tried to Remember The Time like Michael Jackson when I had peace; it didn't be still and it left and didn't call back,  as trees are hanging at precarious angles in my backyard like they'll hit the house. 

I couldn't be at ease,  criminals were full of action; I remember  when I was hanging with nefarious ones; reminded of the past as remnants of Hurricane Patricia blow through;  she was all up in the house! 

*Rembrandts*  are painted as I type into this iPhone; the Brotha O-Zone was taking a break from raking leaves.

Like Hillary Clinton vs #BlackLivesMatter in Atlanta haters damned that whether we did or didn't;  a fake one deceives. 

Blessings?  this dude received, even though they weren't deserved.

Stressing?  this dude was!! it was part of the systems game plan!! so called official documents were served. 

We're rocking it!!  the terms of service were ignored, now sonic troops are deployed!!  once again it's on.

 Haters are knocking it!! what?  the hustle!!  in spiritual warfare? casualties /  carcasses were void of their soul:   they played around in the danger zone. 

Insect carcasses littered the backyard: casualties from doing battle with these rodents / predators?

In certain sections of the backyard?  side eyes checked hanging tree limbs,  like ESPN I checked the scores.  

...Plus I checked the doors and windows of the compound, similar to  anti-virus programs that run in the background: per Chinese hackers Windows and other doors that were a playground for hackers.

 Dark glasses over my eyes protect the windows to my soul,  as I stroll outback squirrels hide from hawks:  woodpeckers hit up tree stalks,  as other animals dodge jackers.

Misled / Waiting in the dark? classes were full!! now jokers will disrespect us out on I-20 in Atlanta,  rolling in Dodge Chargers like they have it going on...

Now I'm waiting in my park / outback on my deck per these chronicles! understand a bruh, this is my response to these and those: Dodge City residents said charge it to the game, but not O-Zone... 

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