Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Checked The Clock: I Moved On PT.2

I moved on after I checked the clock, plus I even checked the calender..

Now it's going down!! vehicles even wrecked / checked as Dekalb Police set up checkpoints / dragnets reminded me of moves by Skynet per the Terminator.

Security heightens like it's Jerusalem!! it's going down!!  they usually weren't checking for us as we moved on. 

What's up with me? a brotha tightens up like Archie Bell and the Drells!! I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, understand a bruh?  I moved on. 

O-Dog grooved on;  O-Zone proved things in the scripture;  what's the prognosis?  it's rough out here!! 

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors surrounded the battleground /  the frontlines of spiritual warfare. 

We go there!! This is a HumpDay Extravaganza but on Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? we were *South Dekalb Malling*  over in Decatur,  with my *brothas and sistas*

Spotted smash and grab collaboraters;  brothas sagging with cheap 3 for $5 boxer shorts showing:  sistas swagging / styling and profiling like hookers on siestas. 

Targets for racial profiling by authorities?  who's acting foul in these territories? rehab for Uncle Fester or Uncle Vester types?  siestas had them smoking weed / crack and heavy drinking. 

Caught out there like Lamar Odom, Lord bless him!! meanwhile these lab techniques per *Uncle O*  are enhanced,  per time invested on inside joking and heavy thinking. 

Staring into the eye of the tiger and not blinking!! I checked the clock / I moved on!!  what's owed them? this is the big payback per James Brown. 

Jokers will get what's coming to them!!  once *all up in the spot*  but we moved on!! checked the calender,  closing in on the anniversary / dealing with adversity:  but we still get down! 

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