Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Underlying Issues

It was like that android / smart phone people were using when texting while driving. 

Apps were running in the background during the ongoing crisis;  I didn't back down!!  others were shucking and jiving. 

What's the haps?  we kept on running even though it got lonely out there!!  the matrix architect had to back down the program. 

What's the haps?  Russell Westbrook types kept gunning!!  the technology got us in trouble!!  I was rocking instead of listening to the slow jam. 

So whatcha know man?  there's no rest for a crook!!!  even if you aren't one?  there's still racial profiling per Ferguson

....Part of America's underlying issues?  everything is not working son! 

Who's fair with us? who wants to check my e-mail like Hillary Clinton's?  or play me like Obama with Republicans  sending letters to Iran? what's up man? apps were running in the background. 

O-Zone?  I wasn't about all that drama!!  I keep it moving!!  I didn't quit or back down!

In the danger zone? flagrant agents will try to track you down!! they're trying to get with you!!

The stranger was a clone, a Devil's Advocate doing the dirty work, recognize the pattern or what it do!!

Check the banger with the tone, treble and bass adjusted!!  with snares clapping and 808's booming plus this good word!! these were the weapons used by this small army!

Watch your mouth and watch your tone was what the devil was told!! he's a lie!! he was the architect of underlying issues!! but no weapons formed will harm me!!

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