Friday, March 6, 2015

Reading The TelePrompTer

This is like the news at six;  a "Brotha"  is reading the  TelePrompTer. 

Not talking slick like  Benjamin Netanyahu so what it do?  Reality provided cues!!  telepathic messages were  received!! now the Hot Message is delivered prompt to ya.

 Overpaying dues!!  it was like citizens of Ferguson feeling the pressure!! I told big homie about Last Laughing after the come up!! but still staying humble. 

Per Jim Boeheim moves made in the past can come back to haunt ya!! check the karma!! please!!  this is not the last math I bring. 

Utilizing Bing;  Google tries to control the world!!  analytics and algorithms were flawed.

Brutal with this thing after Google and Yahoo carried water for NSA?  naw kid! 

Acting brand new with ya? please!!   y'all hid from the Hot Messenger when I tried to kick science to ya!! 

 Reading the TelePrompTer!!  I wasn't trying to confuse ya!!  somebody else was lying to ya!
Reading in between the lines per Ferguson and Selma;  connecting the dots!! 

How's it working son? doing the knowledge per crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge?  family trees connecting the plots? 

....and schemes; meanwhile I'm taking it to the bridge!! observing the scenes!!  watching the TelePrompTer....

Dreams turn into reality; check the grey area scenarios!! how will the apparatus respond to ya?

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