Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time / Natural Processes PT.6 (As We Put It Down Like This)

 Sonic Assaults are unleashed; time caught up with some, as the natural process takes over /  the reign of terror is over!! this is how it's going down!!

Thought police attempt the Hostile Takeover; but they'll get rebuked when O-Dog drops the sound...

As we get down; *Exercise Power*  like a forward; Chris Bosh or even Tim Duncan...

As we get down!! during this time?  Supreme Courage and Maximum Stength Exercised; we're just trying to show you somethin..

Bringing the funk son!!  George Clinton / Parliament style Aqua Boogie...

....sound put down for those who are underwater like shady mortgages from CitiMortgage and Wells Fargo in need of the HARP refinancing; times got harder; they fell for the okey-dokey..

Knew what the inside joke would be before they told it!!  Ice Age survivor; knew how cold it would get / or how much things would warm up; was it HAARP weather control or The Natural Process?

But my spirit is not broke; Once Again It's On!!  Moving Straight Ahead, I'm not wasting time being stuck worried about that and this!!  haters can't stop this...

Spirits of others were broken; worried about will ghost attack? I'm listening to a Ghostface Killah track while I type this..

Once Again It's On; ignoring a ghost whisperer!!  they'' try to crash the plane like the Germanwings co-pilot!! getting foul with it!! but The Natural Process takes place so I'm  chillin out; wondering what all the hype is...

..about; as I go all out; God's will is done, he's the pilot; on earth and in heaven..

Whose Side Are You On? Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck; they'll throw us under the bus; trying to roll seven..

We Weren't Wasting Time; We're About To Put It Down Like This!!


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