Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time / Natural Processes

Somebody lied!!  they were like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones talking about time was on our side. 

Somebody cried!! like Republican letters to Iran  the dagger in the back was danger zone business when slick ones slide.

...through Babylon;  what are they on? it wasn't natural when sick ones ride for their doctrine. 

Some babble on like preachers and politicians!! it wasn't natural!! they might even ask for a jet as we get breakbeat scientific! we put in work and time on these missions even as these systems knocks them. 

This soul rebel rocks them when he *hollas at ya*  taking the time to handle this breakbeat scientific business. 

The devil will oppose; annoying like carpenter bees when  advocates handle his business!!  breaking and entering into auras stealing time!!  who knows what the deal is? 

Check out this Jesus was a carpenter *steez* as we bring these!! but who took the time to know what the real is or did they get bamboozled and hoodwinked?

Who's a part of these ongoing conspiracies like ISIS / CIA / Mossad?  somebody said something about a hornets nest!! please!! supreme courage and maximum strength is needed in these days and times;  who stared into the eye of the tiger and never blinked?

Some linked time with money but even Kanye West realized time is more valuable. 

Some sell out;  they took the time to get paid,  but who will really value you?  

Jokers will get foul with you!! per Avery Sunshine and the #airlineproverb remember to secure your own mask before helping others!! 

Natural processes reveal time is golden per Jill Scott living her life like it!! the good word is dropped by these brothas!! 


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