Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.5

This dude stays busy,  O-Zone is cashing reality checks and O-Dog is making sound affects. 

Smoke,  fog and mirrors clash with my philosophy like BDP;  at ground zero per Ferguson and Sanford Florida / George Zimmerman shenanigans?  society disrespects.  

No Fly Society connects per the t-shirt I saw at the Mall of Stonecrest in Lithonia. 

My priorities clash with the mainstreams;  the O-Dog funk will smell like ammonia. 

My priorities out here in the mainstream of mathematics seemed to baffle fanatics. 

My territories were universal  but Louisville / Newburg default settings made me wise up;  no raffle tickets are bought from fanatics. 

In these hostile territories? reality checks gaffle fanatics after the garnishment.

Train wrecks and  Germanwings 9525 plane crashes baffle the experts and pundits;  they show astonishment. 

My business?  I'm running it!!  cashing reality checks and making sound affects. 

Shady business?  I'm done with it!! I told you,  at ground zero society disrespects. 

Breakbeat scientific business is conducted; O-Dog disconnects from the matrix...

Intergalactic like traveling to the ISS like US astronauts; meanwhile disenchanted ones travel to the Mideast to join ISIS per propaganda / fronts and flaunts; plus these peeps down here in the ATL fake it... 

Meanwhile We Make A Break For It; Using Knowledge and Skills After Cashing Reality Checks; Showing The First Sign Of Life When We Drop These Sound Effects; Check Out This
Message In The Music Mix; The Drum PT.4 (Get With Me!!)

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