Sunday, March 8, 2015

Notions and Emotions

We're out here doing the knowledge, but it's the clash between notions vs emotions. 

The mothership gets good mileage, time flies!! a few weeks ago it was Black Friday / Cyber Monday!! but we ignore an earthlings promotions. 

Writing this on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday down in Selma, on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Insight we bring!!  the good word is dropped on this Sunday,  but not on the soapbox or bully pulpit;  some of these  jokers are full of it!! that we acknowledge. 

...So we take it to the bridge like James Brown would mention!! over on Candler Road in Decatur I just heard somebody bumping  The Big Payback

Damn!  then I heard Mystikal sounding just like James Brown! just play it back!!

The bad episode?  I play it back when I should have hit the delete button. 

Information Overload?  Notions vs emotions?  so whats up with a punishment  glutton? 

Notions have me hitting the reset button;  now I'm back on Louisville / Newburg default settings

Emotions won't let me forget the heartaches and pain!! especially when it seems like history is repeating.

Commotions get on that last nerve; it's like I'm in Nigeria dealing with Boko Haram, now rolling with ISIS...

Notions and emotions will make me swerve through Babylon but I stay on point; these other little towns are just like Ferguson, but not just in Missouri!! check the ongoing crisis..


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