Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prepare Yourself / It's Going Down PT.2

Take Me To The Next Phase like Isleys!! but I know there'll be surprises!! I know what the deal will be

Next level moves are made, old dude told me to prepare myself!!  when is our time? The Brotha O-Zone uses this good word as a vehicle; the sound is provided by O-D-O-G..

Of course rolling with G-O-D; he's not the architect of the matrix but the architect of the universe; can't lose with the stuff he'll use...

Blessing us; even though we don't deserve it; reality can batter and bruise..

Stressing us? the apparatus!! the chef from Hell's Kitchen will serve it!! what? the bad meal!! now we have nausea / that sinking feeling!! I  hope we're not on the Titanic..

Confessing to us like Edward Snowden?  what's the NSA knowing? in the card game haters are showing their hand, as we deal with this and that fanatic..

Chilling out,  trying to stay calm down in the A-Town; preparing myself, it's about to go down!! during this Holy Week some will pray and fast..

During the storm?  I stayed down in the lab; when I come out? the sound will blast..

...no fake crowd noise like the Atlanta Falcons as we confront foul ones when we enter attack zones; it'll be rough on clones!!

Fake ones lose their poise; the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic; aliens attack with drones...

We bring the noise per Public Enemy!! spiritual warfare is going down against the enemy!! we're down here with the ATLiens but  we bring it to you straight from Louisville....

Midwest representatives!! Cincinnatti AKA Nasty Natti; Detroit; Naptown; keeping it real...

That's The deal!!! rolling down I-75 listening to Congo Natty telling us to be ready/  per being worldwide with it as we Deal With The Madness; destiny will manifest itself...

The world keeps turning like soap operas; it's going down!! are you prepared?  Whatcha Gonna Do With Yourself?

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