Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic

Retro-futuristic!! out there on some  Intergalactic business; but even out in space I get low; jokers have weapons in outerspace!! too many folk are playing..

*I'm Just Passing Through*  the galaxy; back down to the earth enjoying Nights In Tunisia per Dizzy Gillespie, but the Mothership? haters are spraying..

It's like we were attacked at the museum in Tunisia!!  shots blasting through my force field / shield; stormtroopers were spraying lasers; lights blink on the instrument panel!!  in the hood? the sheriff might use tasers..

Well, per Ferguson and other jursidictions that's fiction; damn!! my field of dreams is set on fire!! damn!! in the bully pulpit?  so called powers that be had jokers in the amen corner plus shouters and praisers...

Season changes per the Spring Equinox / Total Eclipse; days are getting longer so some are getting stronger!!  even *big homie and them*  dipped across the border..

...damn!! in The Yucatan?  decapitated bodies were found!!  Gulf Cartel Getting Their House In Order? 

Headquarters across the border in Matamoros, supposedly shut down!! meanwhile the apparatus accents horrors and terrors so  money is  made in the process..

Headquarters for these brothas? Aurora Borealis type lights shine from deep in the lab when processing this  underground hip-hop soul, funk, jazz and other elements of the universe;  check the Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering Process..

O-Dog will rock this; Armed and Dangerous with the Hazardous Material?  beats and rhymes? We've Got Plenty..

O-Dog will rock this!! a retro-futuristic mystic going ballistic packing the sword of truth swinging at those trying to act brand new with me!! 

Down here in the A-Town? haters were trying to knock this hustle because we knew the inside joke;  *Visualized The Sequence*  even though I'm Outside The Box...
As we proceed and continue; This Retro-Futuristic Mystic Is Going Ballistic!! Going All Out!! The Brotha O-Dog will rock...

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