Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doing The Math / Solving Problems PT.2

I'm out here doing the mathematics;  I even wrote this on Pi Day

One day after #WorldSleepDay, not check the way I play!! I'm out here in the mainstream of mathematics, doing it my way. 

.....Per Sammy Davis Jr or Frank Sinatra;  as we holla atcha on 3-14-15. 

Pi is 3.1415 ..please!!  understand me, we won't misbehave with this!! we're not trying to shuck and jive!!  that's not how we're living. 

Just saw 3.14 pm on the clock as I write this;  earlier I saw 11:11 am. 

I'm not playing!!  this thing is serious!!  ongoing episodes keep me praying. 

Fanatics keep delaying progress like it was Republicans vs Obama

Mathematics are dropped by this brotha;  its my response to the drama. 

Erratic with this? breakbeat science is dropped!!  solving problems made us use unconventional methods!!

Static with this? analog and digital clash during these madness methods...

Back with this!! O-Dog was able to solve the riddle, now the podcast is jumping!!

Doing the mathematics? O-Zone stayed busy!! like the middle of the week? he's humping!!  


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