Monday, March 23, 2015

Time / Natural Processes PT.3

Louisville / Newburg default settings  Made Me Wise To The Set Up; Plans To Destroy You and Me are exposed; who's knowing where the danger is? 

I didn't merge with the apparatus and their flagrant agents; they were dressed in ski-mask on a 70 degree day in Atlanta trying to steal my time!!  some act like they know me but I know who the stranger is!!

Just like the danger is over in Yemen as US and British forces stand down; Once Again It's On!!   in Iraq?  ISIS  will jack an oil vessel...

The crew was kidnapped; knowing how they feel!!  I took time for Mystic Voyages but the drama is even intergalactic!! damn!!   I'm Out In Space on the Mothership; but haters still attack my vessel...

No rest for a brotha; from Ferguson to NYC to chant was *No Justice No Peace*  that's how society treats the salt of the earth..

The Natural Process is contaminated; some will try to destroy this earth..

What's it all worth? Ecological Ignorance Will Alter The Fate; where you at?

Like old cell phone commercials; belligerence heard from those similar to Ted Cruz; that's why we come back with that..

What it do? they want some to cruise with that; like Isaac Hayes trying to get back to Phoenix

What it do? Rev. Ike said you can't lose with this; Nevermore from Edgar Allen Poe; B-More Ravens hit hard, they say you'll pay dues with this...

The assignment? we choose this; putting in the time / work!!  Veteran In The Game; not new to this; as we shine light into the darkness...

Some tried to live without light; it's not right; not part of the Natural Process..

My thought process was enchanced; as I bring this scripture; similar to the Hebrew text that was found....

Time was not wasted; the fellow traveler told us to cut and paste it; now we drop this good word and the sound!!

Some Were Waiting In The Dark; It Wasn't Part Of The Natural Process; Check This Mix Out 

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