Sunday, March 1, 2015

Game Changers and Deal Breakers

The whole game was shady!!  if gamblers out for a fast buck didn't get paid it was a deal breaker. 

Old dude or a so called veteran in the game rambled off at the mouth;  kicking game!! down here to the ATL trying to deal with the rump shaker. 

On some Teddy Riley / Wreckx-N-Effect stuff!! *zoom zoom zoom and a*  out here trying to fold a dollar but  just real faker!!  out here trying to catch up on his pimping. 

What will the style be?  some wrecked out like Jeff Gordon at the Folds Of Honor Quik Trip 500 in Atlanta!! out in the darkness some were misled!!  foul will be method!! it's not a simple thing. 

Check the game changer!! foul will be the method like NASCAR  race car drivers getting vehicles stolen out in Atlanta / Morrow. 

Friends and Strangers per Ronnie Laws? understand a bruh!!  or is it like the Jacksons / Maybe Tommorow? 

End games? laws protect flagrant agents like Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman!! game changers? now my peeps are all up in the action feeling the pain and sorrow after suffering the loss. 

Deal breakers will make some feel like they're on the old rugged cross. 

Real fakers front and floss like it's all this and that until they deal with the game changer. 

These beat breakers and good word droppers are veterans in the game; not strangers. 

These big beat breakers deal with progress stoppers!! satellite transmissions show us entering attack zones!!

Street deal breakers lose their ghetto stock brokers license!! batteries were dead on TracFones!!

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