Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doing The Math / Solving Problems PT..3

It's going down per the last Uranus Pluto Square;  your homie is doing the math.

Observing the scene / reflecting  / doing the knowledge;  so what's the aftermath? 

 ....After I supposedly had the last laugh;  reality delivered the hot message.

 The devil was opposed!!  some were able to move on!!  others were enslaved like the Middle Passage

Next level mathematics are composed;  UPS or FedEx never delivered the package so breakbeat scientific principles are followed. 

The chef in Hell's Kitchen prepared meals;  some got indigestion when the doctrine was swallowed. 

Problems weren't solved!! so O-Dizzle went easy on the cuts no mistakes were allowed per Eric B and Rakim!!  but there are plenty. 

What's the Dizzle?  we're doing the math / analyzing the aftermath;  some were affected spiritually mentally and physically.

What's the deally? will problems get solved? or  like government gridlock in DC will it be the *same ole same ole*

What's the deally? problems will get solved  after observing the scene!! it's all game as we're ready to roll!!

Really? oh yes!! we're doing the math!! then like James Brown we get into it and get involved do problems are solved!!  

It's going down!! per fireman's lingo? the fire is fully involved!!


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