Saturday, September 14, 2013

Whats The Word On The Curb? PT.4

Whats the word on the curb? like I heard the newscaster mention.. the story is unfolding as we speak! 

Some think they know it all!! the style of a geek / Gus or Herb;  as I observe the scene..methods I tweak! 

Methods to the madness for some were obsolete!! now the outlook is bleak!! there was no fresh view or fresh vision! 

Were back with this!! we took the ATL players advice!! we kept it pimping! 

Cosmic pimping is the mission!! intergalactic with it!! but some don't understand! 

Check the drama on all fronts..local, national, international and even intergalactic...karmic repercussions hit them!! whats up with some?  "everybody ain't able"  to understand!

 But a joker will stand on the corner and say they have the word on the curb! 

Broken minds, hearts, and spirits are reflected in the noun, pronoun or verb!

I broke through with mine..its hard out here though..its like the Dekalb County School Board;   demerits issued by thought and fashion police once had a profound affect...

Heard the inside joke..spotted the Boardwalk Empire...but authorities said were doing fine..remain the US / Russia / Syria chemical weapons deal things will work whats next?  

Heard the inside joke..but territories will burn down like the Seaside Park boardwalk in Jersey...

Whose waiting in the dark? whats the word on the curb? vehicles were waiting in park listening to Youngblood on KISS 104 playing the Coasters...Under The we walk the walk and talk the talk..who will work with me?

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