Saturday, September 28, 2013

Total Chaos / It Wasn't Natural....

I was outraged by the destruction!! It Wasn't Natural!! I was checking out the total chaos!!  like floods in Colorado! 

I was outraged by the corruption!! like Republicans trying to defund Obamacare...please!! its rough out here for a brotha! 

My mind is engaged!! thinking of a master plan per Pain In Full per Eric B and Rakim! 

Here lately?  I follow the masters plan!! thats the deally? please!!  now were rocking! 

O-Zone is locking this thing down!! restoring order like the sheriff!!  but you see what happened to Christopher don't confuse me with an agent of the system! 

Danger zone residents were out of order with this thing!! disturbing the groove like that jam by the System! 

Strangers were programmed...hearing ELF like Aaron Alexis?  just clones on the move!! now they bring drama to you area! 

Peeps get slammed!!  even Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West go at it..check the Total Chaos...It Wasn't Natural...but its local,  national,  international;  even whatcha know?  check the mass hysteria!

Peeps get slammed!! from Syria to Nairobi Kenya...what kind of hand were these gamblers dealing ya? shutting down the government was the mindset of Republicans...

O-Dizzle never sleeps..he jammed...a message he will send ya in the songs...rebuking the Total Chaos...a brotha jams...

Thats the dizzle...while a devil creeps...It Wasn't Natural!! the meals prepared in Hells Kitchen...

The reign began with a drizzle...but no weapons formed would work per Ray Lewis...the evil plan fizzles...thats the deal man!! 

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