Saturday, September 7, 2013

Intergalactic Drama / Somebody Call 911

As we proceed and continue...checking out the intergalactic Assad with chemical weapons? damn!! then the clock read 9:11 am when I started to write this!

Peeped game like NASA checking dust on the moon with LADEE;  did somebody need to call 911 per Mary J Blige and Wyclef? the insight was provided concerning this matter by Flavor Flav with the clock! the insight was provided when first responders waited before coming to the hood;  hustles?  the system knocks!

 Lights shine on those waiting in the dark....they reacted like vampires!

 Its like I threw the cross up in horror movies; whose called out on strikes?  moves were clocked by umpires! 

Others were called out on strikes but not like Wal Mart workers;  ...check out how the system works us...rocked by these empires and the intergalactic storm troopers they employed! 

Word from Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia State Troopers?  as I dipped down I-75 on the way back from Louisville...the system had them deployed..

Plus I see cold shoulders, silent treatments,  and sideways glances from thought and fashion police....this prevents advances..devils advocates were deployed! 

Who will hold us down during the debatable circumstances? ..being built or torn down? God is not through with us yet...angels rocking hardhats and lime green safety vests were employed...

O-Dizzle will rock like boulders!!  he wasn't devoid of funk..he wasn't the one! 

O-Zone was peeping game like the Hubble Telescope as the clock read 11:11 whats happening?  a bruh is refusing to come undone!

 Did somebody need to call 911? its like car bombs exploding over  in Mogadishu ..I see things have gotten ugly!

What it do? ... I stay on the one with Higher Power;  he's the one who has got me!



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