Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Delete Button

I was peeping game...damn!! I see a gatekeeper ready to push the delete button! 

I wasn't sleeping in the game;  from corporate, government, from the church to the street..I spotted the punishment glutton! 

They were up to something;  diets weren't gluten they weren't from the South Beach!

They were up to something...or at least they thought they were..soon their vehicle was towed by Bernice on South Beach

A little something something? thats what they say they had..all up in the spot..the action!! but their arms are too short to box with God...there's a lot of things they can't reach..

"Wannabe starting somethin" like Michael Jackson's song..all up in the action;  they're wrong!!  now I hear tires screech! 

Plus I hear sporadic gunfire like its Syria, or Egypt or even Iraq; oh yeah they still deal with it!! meanwhile ministers and politicians preach the sermon!

Check the mass hysteria..local, national, international and even intergalactic drama goes the shot clock will expire for the wannabe hero; strategies weren't working! 

The spot?  I rock it when I'm all up in it!! jokers thought I wasn't up to something! 

All up in the spot!! the gatekeeper had their finger on the delete button! 

But this discrete brotha is getting it in;  doing what I have to do! 

Defeat was met by a punishment glutton as plots and schemes unravel!

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