Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letting It Go PT.3 I'm Through With All The Drama

It was like the Teddy Pendergrass song;  it was like a Love TKO! 

They tried to play me!!  like they're a snake in the grass trying to bite..so I'm letting it go! 

They "ain't right" ..their monkey / fake ass will be dealt with!!  I'm getting to be a pro at this thing! 

The funky sound and this good word will do the damn thing!! check the steady bombardment of the enemy position...please!! its  like drones in Yemen..I'm getting to be a pro at this thing! 

But staying low in this thing;  like Dekalb Police and Georgia State troopers on I-20 in Atlanta during the Labor Day holiday weekend the thought and fashion police were on patrol! 

..plus devils were rolling like the New Orleans Saints..there's a bounty on your soul! 

...plus devils said we didn't have the sound for your soul!! they said were too futuristic!

Mass hysteria like in Syria..or next level dramatics occur with next level spirits; whats the deal with this?  like US / Israel shooting missiles...who'll be the next one to go ballistic?

Who'll be the next statistic or part of a database? the NSA and other agencies had the stockpile! 

Whats the deal with this?  played because of the dollars we chase?  hustles get knocked..its foul! 

But O-Dizzle rocked!! but that's his style...but it surprises some! 

O-Zone was letting it go! check the clearance rack epiphanies;  eyes were kept on the prizes..I'm not the one.....

...to let danger zone royalty run me....a Louisville / Newburg representaive...I wasn't brought up like that!

 Just got back from the Ville...dipping down Broadway..Muhammad Ali...plus I dipped through Indiana like a Pacer per Paul George; or even Danny Granger...whats the deally? ignored the stranger..I'm wise to the set up...that's why I'm letting it go....please!!  I'm not trying to get caught up like like that!

That's why I'm letting go of all the drama..as we put it down like that and like this..

That's why " I go for what I know" ....I Can't Let Up..or never never give up...word from Diana Nyad...reclaiming the peace I once had...somebody has to  to fight for this...

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