Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Concepts Combined PT.2 / Dedicated To The Truth / Authentic With It

I wasn't playing games with them..I found out they were whistleblowers and gatekeepers! 

I was intergalactic any way;  acting like I know this!! now aliens ask me to take me to your leaders! 

Now the drama will jump off like in Syria;  who will lead us?  Vladimir Putin said he had a solution!

Does he rule the world per Nas?  check the mass hysteria from DC;  whose disputing the truth? filibustering like Ted Cruz...part of the problem instead of the solution? 

Some are misled by the institution..but in some spots the inmates run the asylum!

I didn't let it go to my head per Grand Puba!!  bouncing through the ATL putting the Louisville / Newburg  / Midwest style on them! 

Whose stressed?  its on them!!  I took the wrapper off!! acting brand new with them!! let the healing process begin! 

Please!! some scars won't heal...per Robert Griffin heard?  they've got us out here!! but were just trying to win!

Thats the deal...this, that, and the third per shawty down here in the ATL..

Thats the deal...I was even wise to the set up..they won't a bruh to fail...

Now that's real...its " extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves" like Aaron Alexis with the Washington Navy Yard drama...

Now that's the truth or reality as we know it...seeing how complex it is...wishing it was simple...but some misbehave..check the drama...

Some are ruthless like Al Shabaab over in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi...then telling you act like you know me.. 

Others are toothless like Billy Bob after smoking the meth supplied by Walter White..  then said "y'all ain't right" least that's what he told me...

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