Sunday, September 15, 2013

All Up In The Spot / The Train Of Thought Is Rolling

We were all up in the spot!! we were out there like Voyager 1 leaving the solar system...but were where the pain is caught! 

The fabric will rot due to the inclement weather;  check out the mold and mildew due to the rain in Wasn't Natural ..but we get with ya!! we caught the train of thought! 

A fanatic will plot and scheme like Iran with nuclear weapons... but we deal with it..whose real with it?  I spotted the old and new school clashing! 

Check these mathematics;  everything is not what it seems!! reality and fantasy were mashing! 

Whats the deally?  who'll understand me?  stashing this good word and brand new funk like a crook does weapons and drugs before pulling up to Dekalb Police checkpoints! 

I mean really!! they were stopping folk on the way to church...doing the devil's dirty work? but check out how I work...I took a trip on the train of thought;  knowing I'm not the next one the system anoints! 

But the skills will be exploited by us / deployed by us;  now the train of thought is rolling! 

Shady deals were exposed per Nathan Deal in Georgia;  so whats up with ya?  the train of thought is rolling! 

Sometimes rolling off the NSA tracks the moves being made! 

The train of thought is rolling!! good word dropping plus funky tracks are laid!

Paying the price...dues were overpaid...but not holding my breath waiting on a rebate...

It "ain't nothing nice" ...but the train of thought is we rebuke the hate...



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