Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ducking and Diving

Moving targets are hard to hit...11:11 on the clock when I wrote this...thats why they had us ducking and diving!

Who started it? its the anniversary of 9 /11 as I write this...its also Syria's Assads birthday..but its like were  dodging drones in Yemen!! they had us ducking and diving! were dodging clones;  who'll work with me? gamblers out for a fast buck were driving the fast truck off a cliff!

...a fiscal one like the GOP?  or on fire like the forest out in Yosemite..whats the deal with me? I was trying to chill in IHOP drinking a cup of coffee like Cliff! 

Little homie said "they get my drift"  when I told them its rough out here!

 Its on me and you to spot the power struggles and energy shift;  like Weiner and Spitzer out of the New York Mayors primary..the apparatus plans to take us outta there! 

Priorities shift;  now they have us coming and going..were ducking and diving! 

...But the Lord will lift us up where we belong;  at the proper destination were arriving!

Dipped in the Honda Accord down I-20 in Atlanta..was I wrong for ducking and diving? 

One step ahead of Georgia State Troopers posted up..its easy to get toasted up in this piece..but were barely surviving...

One step ahead of storm troopers plotting scheming and conniving...were they high off that crazy clown? 

Were ducking and diving...funky tracks? O-Dizzle will loop the mothership were it crazy how we get down? 

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