Friday, September 20, 2013

All Up In The Spot; Checking Out The Vibe / Morale Was Low

Were all up in the spot!!  the vibe is competitive!! was I outflanked by Subaru Outbacks? 

....per Briarcliffers and Lakesiders!!  I see the fake try to ride on us!! damn!! was a player outranked by armchair quarterbacks? 

...I doubt it...a riff was taken from Lakeside's Fantastic Voyage as  I moved on!!  beyond an earthling's dealings! 

Going all out for it!! the Pisces Full Moon..but  worried about real things! 

All up in the spot...checking out the vibe...morale was we deal with things that'll go up in flames like Seaside Park on the New Jersey Boardwalk! 

All up in the spot...checking out the we deal with things!! O-Dizzle is digging in the crates...he might pull out the Drifters down on the Boardwalk! 

All up in the spot!!  out of order like the Boardwalk Empire when I walk the walk?  rocking the Barry Sanders number 20 throwback! 

Down here in the ATL watching Falcons fail!!  now morale is low...its not hard to tell.. this veteran in the game goes back!

All up in the spot!!  in the 90's?  chilling during the golden age of drum and bass and hip hop! 

All up in the spot!!  retro futuristic!! word from a mystic that didn't quit and didn't stop! 

All up in the spot!!  either they're with me or not!! going ballistic like Obama threatening Syria is an option!

All up in the spot!! letting some know the deal with this!! after checking out the vibe... dropping this good word plus O-Dizzle is rocking them!

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