Saturday, September 21, 2013

Concepts Combined / Overloads and Epiphanies

Check out the a left hook and right cross thrown by George Foreman! 

Or maybe Ken Norton..R.I.P whatcha starting? check the unpleasant situation due to greed; gluttons need to back away from the George Foreman!!

...grill; as we keep it real like the old hip hop cliche!! but we see the drama is revisited! a family reunion...but I was schooling them about how it goes down!!  local, national like up in Chicago, international like over in Nairobi, or even intergalactic;  maybe a fanatic will get the gist of it! 

Who made a list of it or this or that? damn!! printouts had the data circled in red! 

Check the information overload....soon there's a denial of service!!  now some redirected or misled! 

....waiting in the dark?  the drug overlord was soon at their service!! he had the crazy clown or even the molly! 

Vehicles are waiting in park at the loading dock with the overstock merchandise....wheres' the forklift or dolly? 

Beef like hamburgers from Ollie's Trolley?  caught up in the game?  Biggie mentioned Frank White! 

Check how I work this;  check the clearance rack the funk will stank;  O-Dog's in the lab like Walter White! 

Check how I work this;  expecting interference!!  "y'all ain't right"  ...that's what I told agents of the apparatus! 

Now check how I work this!! the information overload is dealt with!! even though the NSA had the database!

Now check how I work this;  still following the street code...check the mode;  not judged by the dollars we chase!

Now check how I work this; rolling in a discrete mode..put still putting in work..I guess you can say dude is on the case

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