Monday, September 2, 2013

Everybody Ain't Able / Everybody Ain't Stable PT.4

Told you earlier;  "everybody ain't able"  per old girl sitting in back of the old school Checker Cab! 

....Up in the cabs are Toyota Camry's and Crown Vics..check the science a bruh kicks...I was told maybe somebody can work with ya;  its a big world!! maybe somebody will get it ....check out this product from the lab! this is the deally!!

Chilling in the ATL; some might understand these tales from the  home of the smash and grab;  the Plan Z strategy! 

Like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba to Florida were dealing with success and failure;  what did the process tell ya?  class is in session!

I even felt the pressure!!  I swing back with the Sonic Blackjack ....class is in session! 

Insights gained from West Coasting in Frisco and Oakland;  now a bruh is getting open! 

Lights provided to those waiting in the dark!!  now some put plans in motion! 

Who understands?  they had a notion!! now rolling!!  wannabe players smelling like cologne from the mall / Abercrombie and Fitch! 

Who understands?  they had a notion!!  like Bradley Manning they snitch! 

....then try to switch genders;  not like Peyton or Eli Manning ....championship contenders!

Not rapping like hip hop pretenders...soon they'll get ditched like San Diego's Mayor Filner! 

Some hitched their dreams on a star!! but soon they're mad!! what kind of hand did gamblers out for a fast buck deal ya? 

Like Lamar Odom caught out there..."everybody ain't able"  to deal with the ongoing chaos and confusion!

Whatcha knowing? everybody ain't stable!!  I can see they're outraged by the destruction.

Others like me are outraged by the corruption...others say its business as usual..

We kept our minds engaged...that's whats up son...some even say we took the wrapper off..acting brand new with ya...

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