Sunday, September 2, 2012

We're Just Trying To Hold On

Were still trying to rebels in Syria..we're trying to hold on! 

Wishing it was a simple thing...but the machine is trying to get their staple / mutilate and fold on! 

I wasn't impressed by the sales pitch...even if it was by Mia Love...its not all love..Republicans try to get their hate on...some say it was all about the messenger and not the message!

 .....Whats up with another man? the coping strategy fails a snitch; they ran their mouth one too many times; pushed and shoved into back of the Chevy Suburban..they'll get gaffled like it was the middle passage! 

Check this hot message from a gets heavy...but I'm not out here swerving...its not the church of Scientology..creating a Deliberate Falsehood! 

Plus its not an Elaborate Fantasy; understand me?  at the Jackson Hole plots and schemes are devised...whats up with it?  whose acting false in the hood? 

...Telling us its all good;  but all I see is Total Chaos and confusion! 

But we keep it moving; will the Unification Church do so without Rev. Moon? R.I.P ...meanwhile we keep holding on; its all about winning; were not about losing! 

Some are choosing to take the assignment like Mission Impossible..but didn't follow the Ghost Protocol?  

Meanwhile were cruising down I-20 here in Atlanta..with plans to bring this breakbeat science to you...based on jazz, funk, hip hop and soul...

We're on a roll..just like Democrats on their way to Charlotte..

Meanwhile Wall Street South gets hit up...please!! people are struggling...Occupy Wall Street / Charlotte is on the move..people are just trying to hold on..caught up in the system / matrix; in the heart of it... 

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