Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Saga / Struggle Continues /We're Still Trying To Hold On

So whats up? I'm just trying to hold on for another minute or two!

So whats up? I know its we proceed and continue.. we kept it moving...towards the breakthrough! 

Authorities interrogate... they're trying to break you...might even shoot you like dude in the wheelchair in Houston..I think we have a problem.....homie mentioned debatable circumstances!

Being built or torn down? as hostile territories similar to Syria show hate;  whose really making advances? 

What will the response be? found a joker like Mitt Romney; one good at faking dances with the devil...all at the disco inferno! 

Meanwhile O-Dizzle is the one breaking beats; while O-Zone makes scientific advances like Higgs Boson...just trying to learn more! 

Whats the dizzle? jokers say my militia is illegitimate like in Libya; but its not about the money...I'm not big bossing...but trying to earn more..survival is the key! 

Please!! more money more problems!!!  trouble wonders when your arrival will be! 

Please!! check us iPhone 5 were Transmitting Live...that  will be the ticket..bringing the hardcore style! 

Please!! All the way live like Lakeside is how we kick it!! were out here in this danger zone..just trying to hold on..but the process is made hard by the foul! 

Driving to the hoop? the hard  foul was given by a Metta World Peace disciple! 

Or is it Ron Artest?  as we take the the system / matrix  haters pulled out the scan sheet! 

....wanting us to bubble in the answers;  but were not sleeping in the game...the saga / struggle continues...were just trying to hold on...wise to the set up!

We're peeping game...check us out.. like the hubble telescope or even the Mars Curiosity Rover.....the game is not over; we can't let up!

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